MR. & MRS. SMITH propose 100% NATURAL hair extensions, originary from Caucasian region, straight or curly hair with 60-80 cm lenghts and brown natural color, with a very powerful structure which allows fading and color without damaging the hair, easy styling without tangling!

The hair extensions was originally used by Hollywood stars. Today , the hair extensions become the stars of the syling saloons from all over the world. Any hairstylist knows that hair extensions could make miracles both for more volume or long hair and to hide a thin or degraded hair. Hair extensions give spectacular results in every case!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith propose the simplest and effective method for a significant change of your look with shiny, long and more volume : hair extensions are available with 4 application methods - Fusion application (extensions with keratin tips that apply to hot), with implementation through micro-rings with silicone-interior MicroRings, sewn, clip-on.

Sewn hair extensions

Sewn hair extensions are made from a single strand of hair with one meter wide. These are applied through seam thin braids made horizontal on the scalp.

Hair extensions with MicroRing/Keratina

Extensions with microring are an innovation in the field, are applied by means of micro rings with silicone. Extensions with keratin tips apply to hot on the strand of the hair.

Hair extensions with Clip on - 8 pieces

Hair extensions with clip-on are removable, are applied by fixing some clamps at the hair root. These must be removed from hair before washing your hair or before sleep.